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Experiences, Strategies, Beliefs, and everything in between.

Emotional Assistance

Articles for those stuck in the organisation, currently leaving, or even looking for understanding years after having left. Look here for help dealing with depression, trauma, and links to support groups.

Dealing with Domestic Violence

No one deserves to experience domestic violence. If you are being physically or emotionally abused by your partner, they are in the wrong, not you. Watchtower's suggestion a wife that remains with a violent husband brings glory to Jehovah is the opposite of true, and if you feel any danger it is important to seek professional assistance.
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Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction 3 Min Read Time Use of illegal drugs is common. For instance, in 2016, 3.1 million Australians reported using an illegal drug during that year alone, and over 40% of Australian’s have used drugs at some time in their life.(1)  Whilst some people use...

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Articles to assist and develop strategies for dealing with parents. Get help planning for the future outside of the religion as well as advice on building a new community.

Are Jehovah’s Witnesses A Cult?

Are Jehovah’s Witnesses A Cult? 7 Min Read Time It is counter-productive to tell anyone they are in a cult and Jehovah's Witnesses reject such a notion. “Cult  1: a religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious …  3: a system of religious beliefs” ...

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Meeting With Elders

Meeting With Elders 6 Min Read Time It is never a good thing to receive a request to meet with Elders. The best that can happen is the status quo; that is, things just stay the same as they are. All other outcomes will be worse, ranging from being marked to being...

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Articles and videos of teens going through the same issues, and older people that were in the same situation as teens, recounting how they coped, eventually left and have moved on to happy lives.

Some experiences can recount the difficulties and maybe tragedies that occur based on leaving without the right support.

Art from former Jehovah’s Witnesses

Art from former Jehovah’s Witnesses 5 Min Read Time The traumatic experience of leaving the Watchtower Organization has resulted in powerful art. Here are examples of poetry, visual arts and music from talented individuals that may resonate with your personal...

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Find articles that detail the flaws in Watchtower doctrine, exposing chequered history; encouraging you to be confident that Watchtower does not teach “the Truth”. 

Salvation and Armageddon

Salvation and Armageddon 5 Min Read Time Watchtower teaches that Jehovah's Witnesses alone will survive Armageddon, because only they worship Jehovah, with such comments appearing regularly in published literature. "Only Jehovah's Witnesses, those of the anointed...

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Jehovah’s Witnesses and Higher Education

Jehovah’s Witnesses are advised against pursuing a higher education, with Watchtower providing regular warnings that attending university is an improper use of time in these last days. This topic deserves careful consideration, as higher education is important for many fulfilling careers.
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