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A Poem addressed to my mother who has completely shunned & disowned me because I left the Jehovah’s Witness religion..


your love for me has failed
because you betrayed me like they betrayed Jesus
before he got nailed

but wasn’t he the one that commanded his disciples
at Matthew 7:1 to stop judging
and to practice more loving?
didn’t he also say in John 14:6
that we can only reconcile with the Father
through him and not men?

That says a lot about the organization you’re in

do you miss me as much as I do you?
or is your mind so twisted by the watchtower’s
watered down version of the bible
that there’s a few screws loose
to the point where they
would love to see me hang by a noose?

can you not hear my screams
in your comatosed dreams
or my resounding weeps
while you deeply sleep?

you’ve disowned me with such haste
that your love for me is manifested with hate
from the date i self disassociated
leaving me irritated
after everything I’ve fuckin donated
to that religion
that you deliriously drown in

you go door to door
preaching about unfailing love
yet here you are segregating yourself from your own blood
looking down on me like crud

I am daily ghosted by the woman I love the mostest
I am your child am I not?
or have you forgotten me like a dead corpse
that rots?

your eyes despise my existence
all because I defiantly resisted
doctrinal love from man made fallible texts
where your gullibility rests

do you even realize
that you’re all lost lambs being led
to the slaughter house
by false shepherds that lure you
like food does a mouse?

I still live and breathe
still ache for your affection
yet I am being treated
like an alien from another dimension

rejected like a leper
because I severed my ties to your cult
that’s spiraling out of control
declining into a deep dark hole

with their flickering trickery
waiting for Armageddon
on the governing body’s hard headed
hickory dickory
tick tock clock

who continue to predict the end of the world
only to be disappointed
by falsely appointed
double jointed tongues

full of apostate lies
who despise Jesus
acting like perfect teachers
but you’re only sinners judging sinners
you’re not winners just televangelists
dishing out bullshit TV dinners
on counterfeit platters
protecting rapists.

Written by Daniella Djibidjee Rochford
national Australian Poet, Wordsmith & Lyricist
19 October 2019. 5:00 pm.