Epitome of love
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I wish it didn’t hurt so much
I wish i didn’t cry
I wish I could change my past
and this pain inside to die
I wish my fucked up memories
could be laid to rest
every time my brain is triggered
It tightens up my chest
if i could open up my soul i would
so you could see what you’ve done
It bleeds
it weeps
it craves your love
every day mountains greet the sun
I resent you for not loving me enough
to heal my broken heart
but you chose them instead
It pierces me like a dart
who the fuck am i to you
a stranger on the street?
the last time i checked
we share the same blood
in our veins that bleed
I understand that you can’t see
you’ve been brainwashed so you’re blind
but if you truly do love God
you would open up your mind
and see the truth behind the curtains
Of a cult that loves to hide
forever mum there’s no doubt about that
Infinity plus infinity
I promise come hail or shine
I will always have your back
that will never change
until the day I die
and the clouds no longer rain.

Written by Daniella Djibidjee Rochford, National Australian Poet, Wordsmith and Lyricist. Saturday, 9th November, 2019
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