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We have collected a range of experiences to help you on your journey discovering options available to those raised as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Regardless of what point you are at, or what issues you are facing, there are others out there just like you. We hope to build a large enough range that you find someone to resonate with. 

Some of these experiences are from people who recently went through the same issues you are facing, to show that what you are going is  common and there are people that understand you.

Others are from people recounting being in the same situation you are in a number of years ago, how they coped, how they left and what their lives are now like. These provide hope that your future can be bright. 

There are tragic experiences that highlight what can happen when leaving without the right planning and support. These provide valuable lessons as to why it is critical to take time and be strategic in determining how to approach loved ones and plan for leaving on your own terms. 

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